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Kimball Office, a division of Jasper-based Kimball International Inc. has teamed with the Miami Heat to provide furniture solutions for the sales and training teams in their organization.

The HEAT solicited Kimball to redesign their sales areas which consist of the ticket, group and outside sales and Miami HEAT Academy.

The solutions that were integrated into the new space also enriched the comfort, convenience and
experiences of the sales team with technical support integrated into every station.

In addition, the areas in the space offer a variety of settings to accommodate both focus and collaboration. These centers cater to individuals and groups, with a central location to collaborate.

The HEAT’s new workplace had to support a wide variety of work and work styles and to communicate the company’s culture.

HEAT branding was incorporated into the furniture by using their team colors to carry the brand throughout the entire organization. This workplace is a great representation of their company;
what they believe in and how they work.

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