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The City of Huntingburg and the Huntingburg City Council is moving forward towards entering into a contract with Indianapolis based Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group to review and build a comprehensive plan for the city.

Typically done every 7 years or so, a comprehensive plan sets forth a direction for the city to take on future projects and developments.

Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner talked to us about how a comprehensive plan works

Mayor Spinner says this comprehensive plan will be taking place over the course of possibly the next 18 months. Spinner explains how the process will handle step by step.

Spinner also wanted to let the public know that this is going to take community input and effort to make sure the citizens of Huntingburg are happy.

Items such as the Overpass Project and the Stellar Communities developments are examples of what could be proposed, with the goal to continue to grow, develop, and improve the city of Huntingburg.
The last time a comprehensive plan was put together was 2014. Another aspect of the comprehensive plan is a complete review of the city’s codes.

The last time Huntingburg’s codes were reviewed was in 1999. This will give the city the chance to make sure Huntingburg’s codes are up to date.

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