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Officials with St. Vincent StatFlight say plans are in place to move its Evansville-based aircraft to the Huntingburg Airport by the end of April.

St. Vincent officials say moving the aircraft to Huntingburg will place it closer to the major requesting EMS agencies in the area.

In addition to being closer to the calls they receive from the rural area, the StatFlight pilots will be able to take advantage of the Huntingburg Airport’s instrument approach process.

They say that service will allow the crew to respond to incidents in conditions such as low clouds, heavy haze, and fog that prevented them from doing so in the past.

The new location also puts the St. Vincent aircraft and the St. Vincent brand in an area that makes it the closest aircraft to serve Daviess Community Hospital, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center and Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes, providing the patients with faster access to St. Vincent’s Centers of Excellence.

A crew of 12 people — three registered nurses, three paramedics four pilots and two mechanics — will be stationed at the airport 24/7.

St. Vincent officials say the impact will be minimal to the Evansville community and those patients who are being transferred out to Louisville or Indianapolis.

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