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The candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Office of Mayor of Jasper has decided pull out of the race.

Marvin Belcher’s decision was announced by the Dubois County Democratic party on Friday. Belcher cited personal reasons in making the move to withdraw from consideration.

Belcher announced his plans to run for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of Jasper back in February. The 54-year old served one term as Mayor of Huntingburg from 2008 till 2012 but decided not to seek a second term.

Dubois County Democratic Party officials say a candidate cannot remove his or her name from the May 7 primary ballot except in case of death, felony or residence out of the election district.

They say it is their understanding Belcher has secured the proper form to withdraw from the Dubois County Clerk’s Office and will file it on or after May 8th and before the deadline of June 15th.

They say the Democratic Party was in the process of actively recruiting candidates for City elections in both Huntingburg and Jasper. They said the Party would reconsider its options for Mayor in Jasper and left open the possibility the Democratic Party would not slate a candidate for Mayor in Jasper.

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