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A Knox County man is facing drug charges after a traffic stop.

Martin County Sheriff Deputies pulled over 53-year-old Michael D. Clements of Wheatland in Loogootee for a moving violation on Wednesday night.

When Clements told them he had knives, they did a pat-down search and removed the knife.

Deputies ordered Clements to put his hands behind his back after noticing a methamphetamine smoking device sticking out of his pocket.

Clements initially resisted arrest and was eventually taken into custody.

Deputies then searched the vehicle and report finding 45 grams of methamphetamine, a digital scale with meth residue and two handguns.

More methamphetamine and another smoking device were also found while searching Clements in Jail.

Clements is charged with dealing methamphetamine,  possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia, resisting law enforcement, and driving while suspended prior.

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