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As spring nears, we start to notice the green growth along fence rows, forest edges, trails and fields.  That greenery you see is most likely an invasive plant species getting a jump on native plant growth.  Emily Finch is the local SWCD, Invasive Species Specialist and was the featured speaker at the Dubois County Soil and Water Conservation District annual meeting earlier this week.  Emily Finch describes what an invasive species is… 

Many invasive plants get their start as plants used in landscaping.  Finch tells us of a few that you may have planted and now they are considered invasive plants….

When speaking of invasives they are not limited to plants.  Invasive species are also insects, animals, and aquatic creatures according to Emily Finch…..

The SWCD has a limited amount of money available to landowners for invasive plant control.  Landowners in Dubois, Daviess and Martin counties may apply for up to $800 in reimbursement for control costs on 1 to 10 acres.  The work must be completed before November.  For information about how to apply for funds or to eradicate or at least control invasive species, contact Emily Finch at the Dubois County Soil and Water Conservation District. 

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