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Indiana Sheriff’s Association is warning Indiana residents of current COVID-19 scams.

Fake emails claiming to be from the CDC are being sent, containing Malware or Ransomware.

To avoid becoming a victim of a malware or ransomware scam, avoid clicking on links in unsolicited emails, do not open email attachments from sources you don’t recognize, and use trusted sources, like government websites, for up-to-date information.

There has also been an increase in phishing emails seeking donations or asking to verify personal information.

Remember, do not open links or open attachments from unrecognized senders. The government WILL NOT ask for your personal information via email. If someone wants donations in cash or by gift card or wiring money, don’t do it. Remember to verify a charity’s authenticity before donating.

Also, the FDA is warning that there is currently NO APPROVED COVID-19 home testing kit.

If you have purchased or have seen an alleged COVID-19 test kit, contact your local law enforcement agency.

You can also report COVID-19 scams to the FDA directly at

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