St. Mary’s Church in Huntingburg releases COVID-19 guidelines for mass

St. Mary’s Church in Huntingburg has released COVID-19 precautions to help keep Mass safe for everyone.

The Parish Council is requiring everyone over 7-years-old to wear a mask while attending Mass.

Masks should also be worn from the time you exit your vehicle until your return.

There will also be a limited supply of face masks at the entry of the church.

To abide by social distancing guidelines, the capacity is limited. The church is only able to seat 100 people.

You are asked to bring your personal sanitizer. The Parish Council suggests that you use it once you’re seated, prior to communion, immediately after communion, and when you return to your vehicle.

Masks should still be worn while waiting for communion. To receive communion, you should make a cup with your hands. The minister will gently drop the host into your cupped hands. Lower your mask, and consume the host, kneel and pray.

Those who must receive Eucharist on the tongue should kneel down or sit while others receive the Eucharist in the hand. Once they finish, please stand to receive Jesus on your tongue.

Dismissal is by pew. You are asked to not leave Mass prior to the dismissal.

While exiting and going to vehicles, you (and your family) must stay at least 6 feet away from other persons.

For more information, visit the Huntingburg St. Mary’s Catholic Church Facebook page.

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