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In dark times, a little spot in a little city got a little brighter.

While cruising down the main in the City of Rockport, you may notice a mural saying “Welcome to ROCKPORT” on the side of a brick building. This art piece, while simple, holds a lot of meaning and has a fun story behind it.

Chelsea and Josh Allen own Midwest Graphix in Rockport. Chelsea told us that she thought that Rockport needed something lively.

Chelsea decided to make a post on Facebook, inquiring about an artist that would paint a mural on the outside wall of their business. That’s when Rianna Schwartz, a local 21-year-old artist, reached out to make the Allen’s dream a reality.

After coming up with several ideas on what to add incorporate the mural with, Schwartz and the Allens had “it”.

Each letter of Rockport has a special touch that makes the city and the area so unique, including farmland, patriotism, school spirit, as well as local attractions.

Chelsea says that a mural like this helps build the City into something of its former glory.

To check out the mural yourself, head down Main Street in Rockport. You won’t miss it. Take some pictures and make sure to use the hashtag, #Rockport Mural, when you post it on social media.

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