Vincennes University Jasper honored on U.S. Senate floor

A local university was recently recognized by the U.S Senate.

Indiana Senator Mike Braun took to the U.S. Senate Floor on Wednesday to celebrate Vincennes University Jasper Campus and its 50th anniversary.

Braun, a Jasper native, praised VU and the Jasper campus saying, “For over 200 years, Vincennes University has been a premier institution of higher learning for those seeking knowledge in manufacturing, logistics, aviation, and other important fields of study. In 1970 when I was a mere junior in high school, this university expanded and established a new campus in my hometown. With open enrollment and concentrating on jobs in fields where there are employee shortages, the Vincennes University Jasper campus is providing opportunities for all Hoosiers to add new skills to their resume that will ultimately lead to good-paying jobs mostly right there in Indiana.”

The 2020-2021 academic year marks the golden anniversary for VU Jasper.

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