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Leaves are falling and temperatures are getting colder. Are you ready for the new set of roadway challenges each season brings?

One roadway danger that tends to increase between seasons is flooding.

Indiana State Police Jasper Post PIO, Sergeant David Henderson, says that there is a catchy saying to remind drivers what TO do and what NOT to do.

“If you notice deep water on the roadway, please go around it. The old saying is go around, don’t drown. This is something that happens in our Southern Indiana counties,” Henderson says.

But if the unthinkable happens and you’re stuck in a car surrounded by water, Henderson says it’s important to remain calm.

“If you do get stuck in high water, please call 911 immediatly. And we will dispatch someone to come to you and assist you with getting your vehicle and youself out,” he says.

Rain is not the only hazard that drivers face when the seasons change. Henderson says the combination of falling leaves and cooler temperatures can create a danger that is sometimes harder to see.

“Now there is going to be chances of slick spots on the road.  These can be caused by ice or fallen leaves. When you see these, please slow down and be cautious about how you use your breaks. Don’t just slam on your breaks,” Henderson says.

The drastic change in daily temperatures can also create a hazard widely known for causing flat tires.

“There can be potholes and there can be ice covering the road because of temperatures falling and rising in the daytime and nightime. Always pay attention to how the roads are and drive responsibly,” Henderson says.

But if you plan ahead, Henderson says an appointment with the mechanic can prevent problems down the road.

“Make sure that you have your vehicle serviced. And make sure that the anti-freeze and the other important fluids in your car checked to keep you safe,” he says.

You can also be prepared these hazards by keeping a few simple items in your car at all times.

“As the weather gets colder, you’ll want to keep a safety package in your car. Make sure it has some kind of food substance, matches, a phone charger and some water. And make sure your phone is fully charged,” he says.

Henderson also says to make sure you have a reflective item or something that can glow in the dark. That way, rescuers can see where you are when they arrive to help.

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