Purdue Extension Dubois County looks to enhance collaborations with area Educators

Purdue University is Indiana’s land grant university and administers Purdue Extension offices in the state.  There are extension offices in all Indiana counties.   Southwest Indiana is Purdue Extension Area 3.

Lisa Wilson of Jasper is the Dubois County 4-H Youth Development Educator and in 2021 was moved into the leadership role of Area 3 Director.   Lisa Wilson describes Area 3 and how Purdue Extension offices collaborate in Southwest Indiana.



Historically, land-grant universities like Purdue were an innovative way of supporting the country through economic growth in key fields like agriculture, science, and engineering, while also providing residents of all social classes a chance to better their station in life through higher education.  This is accomplished through Purdue Extension offices

If you would like to know more about the youth, health, human sciences, ag or natural resource offerings of Purdue Extension contact the extension office in your county.

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