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Crews for the Indiana Department of transportation are bracing for the impact of Thursday’s predicted inclement weather. Winter storm warnings from The National Weather Service have been issued to most Hoosiers for Thursday, and into Friday for some parts of the state. High winds, snow, and dangerously cold temperatures are expected to cause covered roadways and low visibility for travelers.


INDOT will be out in full force in most locations with the goal of keeping highways passable during the storm. They recommend carefully considering travel from Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, at least. Light rain and a wintery mix during the day Thursday cultivate a challenge for pre-treating roadways. The Department of Transportation asks that drivers note the likelihood of highways without pre-treatment developing slick spots, and snow will stick to pavement and bridges more easily. The effectiveness of salt is also impacted by low temperatures. INDOT will utilize additives to melt snow and ice from roadways as necessary.


Motorists should closely monitor forecasts and alter travel plans according to higher-impact timeframes of the storm. Drivers staying home, when possible, give plow trucks room to safely and quickly complete their routes. If you must travel reduce your speed, keep more distance between your vehicle and others, and plan extra time to reach your destination. Don’t travel without an emergency kit including blankets, extra clothing, snacks, and water.

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