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The Jasper Street Department has announced multiple road closures.

The Jasper Street Dept will begin a pavement preservation project starting Monday at approximately 8 AM.

All vehicles must be removed from the affected streets and out of driveways if residents intend to leave throughout the day of surfacing to their street; since the streets will be closed during this process and motorists will not be allowed to travel on them. The street being processed should re-open each evening, depending on drying conditions.

All residents will be notified via a door hanger, the day prior to their street being processed.

The Jasper Street Department would also like to note that there will be a lot of switching from street to street since drying conditions and traffic flow will be continually assessed.

The Streets that will be affected by this project are:

  • Gardenia Lane
  • Ridgewood Lane
  • Kuebler Place
  • Margaret Drive
  • 9th Street from Newton to Main Street
  • Downey Street
  • Picadilly Circle
  • Berne Strasse
  • Leslie Drive from 28th to Northwood Avenue
  • And Altmeyer Road

This project should be completed by the end of the day on Thursday, August 24 barring inclement weather or any other unforeseen events.

The Jasper Street Department will also be applying a preservation solution to multiple other streets beginning Monday through Wednesday, August 23rd; beginning work each day at approximately 7:30 AM through approximately 5 PM each day.

The possibility exists for work extending into the following week in the event of inclement weather conditions or other unforeseen events.

All vehicles must be removed prior to 7:30 AM from the streets being worked on. Affected residents will be notified via a door hanger in advance of treatment on their street.

Motorists will notbe allowed on these streets prior to barricades being removed. Once the barricades have been removed, the surface will be very slick with sand and may result in the preservation solution adhering to vehicles; so extreme caution is advised, if you travel these streets shortly after barricades are removed. The sand will be removed from the streets within 2 days.

Trash, recycling, and yard waste collection will proceed as normal and must be out no later than 7 AM for pickup.

The streets being worked on during this project are:

  • Easy Street
  • Crossroads Avenue
  • University Drive, North of Grandview Drive
  • Grandview Drive from Both Sides of University Drive
  • Hillbrook Drive
  • Willow Lane
  • 6th Street from Anderson to RR Tracks
  • Anderson Street
  • Greene Street from 13th Street to 15th Street
  • East 15th Street from Kellerville Rd to RR Tracks
  • Cherry Street from 15th Street to Kellerville Road
  • Kellerville Road from 15th Street to Cathy Lane
  • Dispatch Road
  • Bittersweet Drive from 29th Street to 31st Street
  • Scenic Court, North of Pleasant View
  • Virginia Avenue
  • Old Huntingburg Rd at 12th Ave.
  • HRJ Lane from US231 to Dispatch
  • Power Drive
  • Cottonwood Lane, South of 2nd Street
  • Red Bud Lane from 2nd Street to 5th Street
  • Mapleleaf Drive
  • Lechner Lane from Gregory to 2nd Street
  • And St. Charles Street from Division to 12th Avenue

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