Celestine Time Capsule Unveiled After 25 Years

St. Celestine Catholic Church Sunday morning held a ceremony to uncover a time capsule left by church members 25 years ago as part of a prelude to the community’s upcoming 175th anniversary celebration planned this summer.

Just after 8 am mass, Mike Hassfurther, Jason Merkel and Eddie Reckelhoff dug up the time capsule just off from the church carport left by members of the parish more than two decades ago. Hassfurther and Merkel were actually among those who helped bury the capsule.

As the process was taking place, Father Eugene Schmitt led those on hand in prayer honoring the church and community and its collective history.

Among the items found was a 1993 Church Cookbook, a mug, a pair of suspenders, a church directory and other memorabilia as well.

These items were pulled out and left on display in the parish hall for the legacy night event later in the evening.

During the event, patrons heard stories of the four church buildings of St. Celestine and looked at different displays on hand.

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