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Hoosier National Forest staff have completed one prescribed burn this fall and have three more planned.

Forest staff burned a 25-acre warm season grass opening in Crawford County on Oct. 15.  A small portion of the area had burned in a wildfire in June so part of the field had regrown. A larger, 250-acre area of wetland grasses and woodland is planned in Orange County near Roland. This area surrounds the Roland Wetland.

Two other areas to be burned this fall are both woodlands with glades and barrens. The Rattlesnake Burn is 1,034 acres with the goal to improve oak-hickory regeneration. The Bull Hollow Burn is 654 acres and is being burned for glade/barren restoration as well as to improve oak-hickory regeneration.  Both areas are in the Mogan Ridge area of Perry County.

The exact date of each burn depends on weather and fuel conditions. Prescribed fires will be lit by hand, using drip torches.

Each area will be closed to the public on the day of the burn and for some time after the burn until the area is considered safe. Signs will be posted along the fire line and at any logical entry points into the area. Hunters are asked to use caution and pay particular attention to signs posted in areas they plan to hunt.

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