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Organizers of Indiana’s bicentennial have unveiled the names of more than 2,000 Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay torchbearers, as well as the official torchbearer uniforms.

Torchbearers were nominated by the public and selected by local committees on a county-by-county basis. More than 4,000 torchbearer nominations were received. Those selected are Hoosiers who demonstrate exceptional public service, excellence in their profession, acts of heroism or volunteer service to their neighborhood, community, region or state.

Torchbearers for Dubois County include:

  • Gary Bair,
  • Dean Beckman,
  • Zach Beckman,
  • Otto Begle,
  • Vic Betz,
  • Dustin Betz,
  • Chris Bieker,
  • Lee Bilderback,
  • Bob Bleemel,
  • Chad Blessinger,
  • Dave Buehler,
  • Marvin Eisenhut,
  • Vicky Eisenhut,
  • Michael Elliott,
  • Alex Emmons,
  • Leon Fleck,
  • Craig Hanneman,
  • Leroy Haug,
  • Leonard Heeke,
  • “Junie” Himsel,
  • Tom Kellams,
  • Esther Kellams,
  • Brice King,
  • Reynold Knust,
  • James Matheis,
  • Hank Menke,
  • Ryan Menke,
  • Cory Menke,
  • Molly Menke,
  • Frank Meyer,
  • Lauren Meyer,
  • “Hanger” Mundy who was selected posthumously,
  • Connie Nass,
  • Sylvester Nord,
  • Art Nordhoff,
  • Joseph Pund,
  • Kelly Schaefer,
  • Tom Schmidt,
  • William Schmitt,
  • Mike Schmitt,
  • Myra Schuetter,
  • Richard Schwoeppe,
  • James Seidl,
  • Denny Spinner,
  • Marc Steczyk,
  • Roman Tempel,
  • Edgar Vaal,
  • Harold Van Winkle,
  • and Noelle Weyer.

The Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay will start Friday, September 9th in Corydon, Indiana’s first state capital, and culminate with a celebration on Saturday, October 15th on the grounds of the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis. The torch relay will touch each of Indiana’s 92 counties during the 3,200-mile journey across the state.

For more information about the 200 years of celebrating the history, growth, and progress of Indiana visit the Indiana Bicentennial website at

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