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The Northeast Dubois School Board gathered Tuesday night to discuss multiple items, including an update from the VPS Architect and the new ILEARN testing system.

George Link from VPS Architecture provided an update to the board about architecture. Link is conducting a study to determine what facilities maintenance projects should be done, and he has led two of three planned community sessions to gather input from stakeholders.

Superintendent Bill Hochgesang explains:

ILEARN is the new testing system the state has gone with, thus requiring teachers undergo new training.

Northeast Dubois Middle School principal Ryan Case recommended that January 11th be a training day. Since the Northeast Dubois School Corporation is a Performance Qualified School Corporation which allows students to be in school for less than 180 days, it was recommended and approved by the board that students be allowed a day off as a reward for achieving that status, so teachers can learn the ILEARN.

Also, Five Star brought forth quotes for a Technology & New Phone System Update. These quotes will be brought up next meeting.

NEOLA policies were approved after the First Reading at the November Board Meeting. And Dubois County Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Lampert was approved as the corporation’s resource officer. Lampert will start on campus the first day back from Christmas Break.


Northeast Dubois High School Principal Tina Fawks presented as a fundraiser for Friends of Rachel, students will raise money to reserve a parking lot spot for each student to park.

Students will reserve a spot and paint the parking spot for them to have when they come to school during the day.

A blue Jeep pawprint will represent the reserved spot. It was requested that colors on the spots would be specifically blue or grey and the painting stays in 12×12 foot spots. The board gave their approval of the idea.

The club grew out of the school’s visit from Rachel’s Challenge, a pro-kindness organization founded by the family of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School.

Also the Northeast Dubois board Tuesday approved $100,000 from the Capital Projects Fund and $100,000 from the Transportation Fund be transferred to the Rainy-Day Fund

Finally the board heard the dates for preschool and kindergarten roundup. Celestine Elementary will hold kindergarten roundup at 6 pm Thursday, Jan. 31st. Dubois Elementary will host preschool roundup at 6 pm Thursday, Jan. 24th, and kindergarten roundup at 6 pm Tuesday, Feb. 5th.

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