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Secretary of State Holli Sullivan today announced the start of post-election audits for the 2022 election cycle. Audits will begin this week, examining the results of the 2022 primary.

The first audit began yesterday in Fulton County. At least 12 other counties will be audited this year, including Clark and Allen counties. Additional counties will be announced as audits are scheduled.

The Secretary of State’s office conducts audits in partnership with the Voting System Technical Oversight Program (VSTOP) at Ball State University in Muncie.

Indiana’s post-election audits provide strong statistical evidence that an election outcome is correct. This is done by manually checking a randomized sample of paper-voted ballots. In a post-election audit, ballots are not tallied by scanners. Every sampled ballot is hand-counted to determine if the initial machine readings are confirmed and accurate.

Post-election audits are valuable because they can detect problems with election outcomes with a high degree of statistical confidence. Properly conducted post-election audits increase voter confidence and add another layer of security to elections.

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