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An Indiana Law will be changing how minors are allowed in bars

Effective July 1st a longstanding Indiana law will be changing in an effort to expand family dining space in Hoosier restaurants. 

The law previously prohibited minors under 18 years of age from dining in the bar area of a restaurant; but with new changes families will be able to dine with their minor children under age 18 in a bar area.

The law requires that the minor child must be in the company of a parent, guardian or family member who is 21 years of age or older, is seated at a table or booth, and the minor is there for dining only.

Minor children may not be seated at the bar top, and the establishment must have a retail alcohol permit to allow family dining in a bar area. 

Bars and taverns that allow smoking may not allow any minors on the premises at any time.

Previously, the law allowed minors ages 18 to 20 to sit in a bar area specifically for dining only, but the new amendment removes the age limit.

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