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Attorney General Rokita is reminding Hoosiers to visit IndianaUnclaimed this Independence Day.

Indiana Unclaimed allows Hoosiers to find unclaimed money and property of theirs and searching for your name at the database is simple and easy.  

Last year, Attorney General Rokita’s Unclaimed Property Division returned $62 million to Hoosiers and so far this year over $35 million has been returned. 

Here are the types of property that might go unclaimed: 

  • Unclaimed wages or commissions  
  • Money orders  
  • Safety deposit box contents  
  • Savings and checking accounts  
  • Refunds  
  • and overpayments such as:   
  • Credit card balances   
  • Cell phone bills  
  • And DMV payments  

Individuals and/or businesses have 25 years in which to claim money once it is reported to the Unclaimed Property Division.    

To check Indiana Unclaimed visit, or text CLAIM to 46220 to search your name, family, or business.   You can also contact the Unclaimed Property Division at 1-866-462-5246 or

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