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A new study shows Indiana parents are very knowledgeable when it comes to modern slang

Sometimes when talking to anyone under 25 it can feel like they are speaking a whole different language since each generation tends to craft its own lingo; but due to how fast language evolves in this era, if you’re the parent of a young person, what they say might just end up sounding completely alien. surveyed 3,000 parents with a quiz to find out how many are on top of younger generations’ 2023 slang; and how many are just baffled about what their children are trying to communicate to them. 

They found that Iowans were the most likely to be talking their kids’ language scoring 94% when tested on 2023 slang; while on the opposite end of the spectrum, parents in Vermont placed last when it comes to street lingo, with a 25% pass rate. 

Parents in Indiana scored 75%, placing them among the most street-smart in America when it comes to their kids’ slang.

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