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Welcome to Spooky Season. We’ve been brewing something special for the dedicated viewers of 18 WJTS, and now it’s time to shriek in delight!

We present to you:

Created from 2004 to 2006, Spookaroonies was a 27 WJTS-TV original show starring Rodney Budell as Doktor Tom B. Stone and Tim Troutman as Fred Ascare, who would welcome guests into their crypt, and join them as they played a featured horror film on Saturday nights.

Always basing their “wacky-stories” on the films they would feature, Spookaroonies would showcase a menagerie of spooky characters, problems, and hijinks as the film progressed. 

We will be uploading all footage from the vault that we have on Spookaroonies, along with original raw footage tapes and more. This is the first installment of many that we hope to make in the coming weeks, as digitizing takes time.

All media digitized via VHS tapes.

Keep scrolling, if you dare, to find all the available Spookaroonies videos.

3 thoughts on “From the WJTS Vault: The WJTS27 Original Series “SPOOKAROONIES”

  1. Rodney Budell says:

    Also “Invisible Fred & Daycare” has no audio.

  2. Rodney Budell says:

    This stuff is GREAT!!!

    Evil Santa has no audio…….

    I think we should do a “Spookaroonies Exhumed” for Halloween ’24

    1. WJTS Production says:

      The Doktor himself!

      Thanks so much for the notice on the audio, we will see what we can do to fix that on our end! We think Spookaroonies Exhumed would be a fantastic show, and a great way to pay homage to this DCB original!

      Take care,

      – Kaitlyn N., 18 WJTS

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