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In Dubois County, a call to action resonates through the corridors of local schools and homes alike as parents are urged to participate in the biennial parent survey launched by Dubois County CARES.

The survey, a cornerstone of community engagement, seeks to capture the perceptions and opinions of parents regarding youth alcohol and substance use, specifically focusing on vaping nicotine or marijuana. Designed to be completed in just a few minutes, responses are kept anonymous to encourage candid feedback.

Director Candy Neal of the Dubois County Coalition for Adolescent Resilience and Empowerment Strategies underscores the importance of parental input, emphasizing that parents’ beliefs often shape their children’s reality. “Parents have a huge influence on children’s lives and their behavior, often without realizing it,” Neal notes. “If we know what parents are thinking, that puts us a step ahead in our mission of keeping youth alcohol- and drug-free.”

The insights gleaned from the survey not only inform future strategies but also guide the allocation of resources and support for youth within the community. Over time, the aggregated parental responses serve as a vital barometer of evolving community attitudes and needs.

Accessible through, as well as CARES’ social media platforms, the survey features a QR code for convenient access. The survey closes on May 3rd.

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