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Tuesday evening all member of the Huntingburg Utility Rate Advisory Board were on hand in a joint meeting with the Huntingburg Common Council to discuss Net Tariff determination. City Attorney Phil Schneider provided an overview of the Net Metering Program that was recommended from the Indiana Municipal Power Agency about the program that will provide an efficient way to produce energy for customers. Utility Board Member Tina Dearing asked about how this is working in the Tell City area with their solar power. Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner says he is uncertain if Tell City has their net metering in place while their solar park is online. After a discussion the Common Council and the Utility Advisory board came into a unanimous vote and adopted the resolution of recommending the Net Metering Electric Tariff for the City of Huntingburg.

A public hearing will be held at their October 25th meeting for final adoption of the ordinance.


Also on hand last night was Jim Dittoe, President of Winning Communities who addressed the Common Council on a potential partnership to encourage youth in the Huntingburg community to take part in local government projects. Dittoe engaged the council and says he has worked with young people as well as local education officials to spear head the Mayor’s Youth Council. The Mayor’s Youth Council was an idea concieved by Mayor Spinner while observing a presentation by Dittoe at the Mayor’s Institute.

Spinner elaborates on one of the elements he had wanted to include with the implementations of stellar projects that involved the local youth…


Spinner also emphasize that its crucial to have the youth’s input and feedback on projects that are currently taking place in their surroundings one of which would be the park that will be something the youth can bring to life and make their mark in leadership.

Spinner says the involvement of students from various interests can allow them to have a stronger foundation on taking on leadership roles through this mentorship…

The Common Council approved the partnership with Dittoe at a cost of $5,000 that would be taken from funding of the professional service section.

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