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Attorney General Todd Rokita and seven other attorney generals recently asked the court to take aggressive action against John Caldwell Spiller II, after Spiller violated permanent robocall and telemarketing bans issued in March 2023. 

Attorney General Rokita obtained judgments shutting down a massive robocall operation involving Spiller and other defendants last year.  

As part of the judgment, Spiller was banned from making robocalls or engaging in telemarketing. Despite this permanent ban, Spiller continued to make deceptive and abusive robocalls and helped others make these calls. 

Spiller used aliases and falsified business records filed in various states and with the Federal Communications Commission to continue doing this illegal business. Also, since the attorney generals sued him and his co-defendants, Spiller has set up at least three new businesses where he engaged in telemarketing and facilitated robocalls. 

Due to these ban violations Attorney General Rokita and the 7-state coalition are asking the court to ban Spiller from engaging in all telephone-related services, dissolve his existing telephone service companies, and pay $122,339,320.  

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is joined in filing this motion by the Attorney Generals of Arkansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, and Texas. 

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