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The Perry County Election Board has recently expressed concerns over an incident during the May Primary, which they believe constituted voter intimidation. The incident involved a dispute between voter Bradley DeHart and Republican election judge Sherri Flynn.

Details of the Incident

  • Voter’s Request: Bradley DeHart arrived at the polling station and requested a Republican ballot, as is his legal right.
  • Election Judge’s Challenge: Sherri Flynn, serving as a Republican election judge, challenged DeHart’s request. According to state law, DeHart was required to complete a form affirming that if he voted as a Republican in the primary, he would also vote as a Republican in the general election. DeHart refused to sign this form.

Intimidation Allegations

Witnesses at the hearing reported that Flynn warned DeHart that if he did not complete the form but still voted, she would escalate the issue by contacting a lawyer, local media, and state authorities. Despite the confrontation, DeHart was ultimately allowed to cast his vote, which was counted.

Election Board’s Position

The Election Board made a public statement condemning any form of harassment or intimidation directed at either DeHart or Flynn.

Board’s Authority Limitations

While the Election Board can voice their opinions on such incidents, they clarified that they do not have the power to take formal action against Flynn. This case underscores the challenges and potential for conflict in the electoral process, highlighting the necessity for clear procedures and respectful interactions to ensure fair and free elections.

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